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Full-service Event Planning Experience

We are a team deeply embedded in the real estate sector, with a singular focus on event planning. We understand the complexity and pressure of organizing a successful event, particularly when juggling numerous other responsibilities.


With our roots in real estate investing, we bring a wealth of industry-specific knowledge to the table. This expertise empowers us to handle the intricacies of event planning so you don't have to. Let us shoulder the burden of planning, ensuring your next event is not just stress-free but a standout success in the real estate world.

Our services include: 

Event Design and Planning

Budget Management

Attendee and Logistics Management
On-Site Support

Venue Selection and Management

Vendor Management
Audio-Visual Support
Post-Event Evaluation

Comprehensive Marketing Strategies

With a deep specialization in the investment, asset management, and real estate sectors, we recognize the critical role that strategic marketing plays in your business' growth.

Leveraging our extensive background in real estate and investment, we craft bespoke marketing strategies that resonate with your target audience. From enhancing event visibility to creating compelling narratives that showcase the value of your offerings, we ensure that every campaign is meticulously designed to maximize engagement and results.

Our services include: 

Marketing Strategy
Social Media 
Capital Raising
Website Design & Development
Google Ads
Social Media Ads
Graphic Design
Video Editing
Podcast Launch & Management

Real Estate Investor, Coach, Event Planner, Marketer

Beth is a dynamo in the real estate world, renowned for turning investment opportunities into resounding successes. As a seasoned investor and a mentor, she’s mastered the art of property transformation, with over $5 million in single-family homes revitalized under her keen eye.

Her breadth of experience stretches across the board—from residential fixer-uppers to expansive commercial projects—making her a well-rounded expert in the field. She's not just playing the game; she's redefining it, and generously mentors budding and seasoned investors alike, offering a treasure trove of insights from the trenches of real estate investment.

What sets Beth apart is her unique flair for event planning within the real estate niche. Her expertise isn't just in making smart investment decisions; she's also an ace at orchestrating events that bring real estate professionals together, creating opportunities for learning, networking, and growth.

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Beth Underhill

Decorating Wedding Table
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Gia Underhill
Executive Assistant

Strategist, Marketer, Communications Specialist

Gia's zeal for crafting strategic narratives is matched only by her proficiency in event planning, marketing, and strategy. With an academic foundation deeply rooted in Integrated Strategic Communications and Sports Communications, Gia has developed a nuanced understanding of effective communication, an appreciation for the sports industry's vibrancy, and a knack for telling authentic stories with strategic precision.

At Luxe Living Events, Gia applies her passion for storytelling to create unforgettable experiences. She is instrumental in evaluating campaign performances, driving ticket sales, and boosting attendance with her insightful recommendations. Her collaboration with content teams to produce visually compelling promotional materials has consistently elevated each brand’s presence at various events.

Whether it's behind the scenes of event planning or in the thick of marketing strategy, Gia is dedicated to shaping the connections between fans, teams, and brands, and is always open to exploring new possibilities within the fields of sports and communications.

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